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Our Mission is to facilitate transformative development, service delivery and good governance for sustainable socio-economic development and Our Vision is to be an outstanding agro-industrialized County with high quality of life for residents.

County Secretary

County Secretary

Truphosa Amere, HSC

County Secretary & County Head of Public Service – Trans Nzoia County

Truphosa Amere is a distinguished leader and public service professional with extensive experience in government administration, advocacy, and development programs. Currently serving as the County Secretary and Head of Public Service for Trans-Nzoia County, she is renowned for her dedication to public service, strategic planning, and policy implementation.

Education Background

Truphosa Amere’s academic achievements have provided her with a solid foundation in global affairs and business administration.


1. She holds a Master’s Degree in Global Affairs from the University of Buckingham. Her studies focused on International Law, International Trade, International Relations, and International Development, equipping her with a comprehensive understanding of global issues and their local impacts.

2. Truphosa earned her Bachelor of Commerce Degree in Business Administration and Management from Daystar University. This education has been instrumental in her approach to managing public service and implementing strategic initiatives effectively.

Professional Background

Truphosa Amere has a rich professional history marked by leadership roles in various prestigious organizations:


1. As the County Secretary & County Head of Public Service at Trans-Nzoia County since November 2022, she has been instrumental in enhancing administrative efficiency and policy implementation.

2. From October 2018 to November 2022, she served as the Senior Director ~ Delivery at the President’s Delivery Unit in Nairobi, where she coordinated National Government flagship programs, monitored their progress, and ensured the timely fulfillment of key development priorities.

3. Her role as the Regional Advocacy Advisor for East and Southern Africa at SOS Children’s Villages International (June 2013 to October 2018) saw her coordinating strategic planning on advocacy, leading public campaigns, and supporting child protection initiatives across the region.

4. Between July 2011 and June 2013, Truphosa was the Gender & Social Development Advisor at the Government of Kenya’s Ministry of Planning & Devolution. She worked to identify and address gender-based constraints, promote gender equality, and develop gender-sensitive indicators for government programs.

5. She also served as a Public Engagement & Gender Development Specialist at Thomas & Associates Management Consultants in 2009, advising clients on promoting gender equality and training them on developing gender-sensitive indicators.

6. From August 2007 to January 2009, Truphosa was the Partnerships Advisor for Youth Development at the African Union – NEPAD Kenya Secretariat. She developed youth programs, created liaisons with regional stakeholders, and provided research support to the AU-NEPAD Kenya Steering Committee.

Skills and Expertise

Truphosa Amere possesses a diverse skill set that underscores her effectiveness as a leader and public servant.


1. Strategic Planning: She excels in formulating and implementing strategic plans that align with organizational goals, driving significant impact through well-thought-out initiatives.

2. Project Management: Truphosa is adept at managing complex projects from inception to completion, ensuring timely delivery and quality outcomes.

3. Policy Analysis: Her analytical skills enable her to assess policies critically and provide strategic recommendations for improvement.

4. Advocacy: With extensive experience in coordinating advocacy campaigns, Truphosa effectively engages with stakeholders to champion important causes and drive policy changes.

5. Training and Capacity Building: She has a proven track record in developing training programs and building the capacity of teams, enhancing their ability to achieve desired results.

6. Research: Her strong research skills allow her to analyze data and provide insightful reports that inform decision-making.

7. Communication: Truphosa’s excellent communication and public relations skills enable her to manage media relations, disseminate information to the public effectively, and foster a transparent and accountable administration.

Honours/Award: HSC


Causes:  Children • Civil Rights and Social Action • Economic Empowerment • Education • Environment • Human Rights • Poverty Alleviation • Social Services

Strategic Planning 92%
Project Management 90%
Policy Analysis 94%
Advocacy 92%
Training and Capacity Building 90%
Research & Communication 94%
Roles as County Secretary

As the County Secretary, she is the Secretary to the Cabinet & Head of County Public service. She acts as the chief administrative officer of the county government. Her key responsibilities include:


1. Administrative Support: She provides crucial administrative support to the Governor and the County Executive Committee, ensuring the smooth execution of their duties.

2. Coordination: Truphosa coordinates the activities of various county departments, facilitating seamless collaboration and communication to achieve county goals. She also liaises with the County Assembly, preparing and submitting reports, attending sittings, and implementing laws passed by the Assembly.

3. Stakeholder Engagement: She maintains proper working relationships with independent commissions, national government ministries, and other agencies. Additionally, she engages with civil society organizations, community leaders, and the public to gather feedback, address concerns, and promote transparency.

4. Policy and Human Resources Management: Truphosa oversees the development and implementation of county policies, manages the County Public Service, and ensures proper recruitment and staff welfare.

5. Budgeting and Finance: She monitors the county’s budget and expenditure, ensuring efficient allocation and utilization of resources.

6. Communication and Disaster Management: Truphosa coordinates the county’s communication strategy, manages media relations, and oversees emergency response and recovery efforts during crises.

Truphosa Amere’s unwavering commitment to public service and her extensive expertise make her a pivotal figure in driving the development and prosperity of Trans-Nzoia County.