Welcome to Trans-Nzoia County

Our Mission is to facilitate transformative development, service delivery and good governance for sustainable socio-economic development and Our Vision is to be an outstanding agro-industrialized County with high quality of life for residents.

Trade & Industrialization

This department drives economic diversification and growth. They facilitate trade between businesses and promote exports, expanding market opportunities. Attracting investment and supporting the development of industries are key focus areas. Promoting tourism activities and developing tourist attractions generate revenue and create jobs. Additionally, they support the development and growth of cooperative societies, fostering community-driven economic […]

Agriculture, Irrigation, Livestock, Fisheries & Cooperative Development

This department supports the county’s agricultural sector, a vital source of income and food security. They provide extension services to farmers, promoting sustainable agricultural practices and increasing productivity. Developing irrigation systems ensures efficient water management for agriculture. Supporting livestock farmers and promoting animal health are critical aspects. They also manage fisheries, ensuring sustainable fishing practices […]

Finance & Economic Planning

This department steers the county’s financial trajectory. They manage the county’s finances, including collecting taxes and preparing the budget. Developing economic development plans and attracting investment are key responsibilities, aiming to stimulate economic growth and create jobs. They ensure fiscal responsibility and transparency in managing public funds. Responsibilities: Managing the county’s finances. Preparing the budget, […]

Education & Technical Training

This department has the mandate to manage public schools, ensuring all children have access to quality education. They develop and implement the education infrastructure, focusing on equipping students with necessary knowledge and skills. Providing technical training in various fields empowers individuals for employability and entrepreneurship. Their efforts contribute to building a skilled and educated workforce. […]

Health Services & Sanitation

This department prioritizes the health and well-being of the community. They operate hospitals, clinics, and healthcare facilities, providing preventive and curative services. Promoting public health through immunization campaigns and initiatives focusing on maternal and child health are crucial aspects. Ensuring proper sanitation systems through waste management and hygiene promotion safeguards public health and environmental sustainability. […]

Public Works, Roads, Transport, Infrastructure & Energy

This department keeps the county moving. They maintain essential infrastructure like roads, bridges, and public facilities. They also regulate public transportation and develop sustainable transport systems, facilitating convenient movement for residents. Ensuring access to affordable and reliable energy is another key responsibility, whether through managing existing sources or exploring renewable options. Responsibilities: Maintaining roads, bridges, […]

Lands, Housing, Physical Planning & Urban Development

This department shapes the physical landscape of the county. They manage land use, regulate development, and issue land title deeds. Their focus lies on zoning land for various purposes, approving development plans, and providing affordable housing solutions. By planning and developing urban areas, they aim to create sustainable and inclusive communities with proper infrastructure and […]

Water, Environment, Natural Resources & Climate Change

This department plays a crucial role in safeguarding the county’s well-being and sustainability. They manage water resources, ensuring clean and accessible water for residents. Additionally, they protect the environment¬†and conserve natural resources, fostering biodiversity and ecological balance. Addressing climate change is another key responsibility, involving implementing mitigation strategies and adapting to its impacts. Their efforts […]

Public Service Management and Governance

This department acts as the backbone of the county government, ensuring its smooth operation by managing its human resources. They handle employee recruitment, payroll, training, and performance evaluations, promoting a competent and efficient workforce. Their focus lies on developing policies for personnel management, attracting qualified individuals, and fostering employee development, ultimately aiming to deliver quality […]

Gender, Youth, Sports, Culture & Tourism

The Department of Gender, Youth, Sports & Culture is created under the County Government Act of 2012 (Sec 46) and assigned functional responsibility by H.E the Governor. This department promotes inclusivity and social well-being. They advocate for and implement policies that promote gender equality, ensuring equal opportunities for all. Empowering youth through skill development and […]