Welcome to Trans-Nzoia County

Our Mission is to facilitate transformative development, service delivery and good governance for sustainable socio-economic development and Our Vision is to be an outstanding agro-industrialized County with high quality of life for residents.

Lands, Housing, Physical Planning & Urban Development


Lands, Housing, Physical Planning & Urban Development

This department shapes the physical landscape of the county. They manage land use, regulate development, and issue land title deeds. Their focus lies on zoning land for various purposes, approving development plans, and providing affordable housing solutions. By planning and developing urban areas, they aim to create sustainable and inclusive communities with proper infrastructure and amenities.


  • Managing land use.
  • Regulating development, providing housing solutions, and planning urban areas.

Key functions:

  • Issuing land titles and deeds.
  • Zoning land for different uses (residential, commercial, industrial).
  • Approving development plans and building permits.
  • Providing affordable housing options for county residents.
  • Developing infrastructure and amenities in urban areas.


Mrs. Janerose Nasimiyu Mutama
CEC Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development
This sector deals with land administration, land use planning, housing development, and management of urban areas. It includes land registration, issuance of land titles, spatial planning, and infrastructure development in urban centers.
Dr Roselyn Nasiebhanda
Chief Officer – Lands, Housing, Physical Planning and Urban Development


Land Administration

    • Managing land use, issuing land titles, and resolving land disputes.

Housing Development

    • Providing affordable housing solutions and promoting proper housing standards.

Physical Planning and Urban Development

  • Developing urban areas with proper infrastructure, zoning regulations, and environmental considerations.