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Double Boost for Vocational Training Centers in Trans Nzoia County

Double Boost for Vocational Training Centers in Trans Nzoia County

All students enrolled in Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) across Trans Nzoia County are set to receive an annual capitation of Kes 18,000 each each to support the operation of the institutions.

In a significant double boost for Vocational Training Centers (VTCs) in Trans Nzoia County, all enrolled students are slated to receive an annual capitation of Kes 18,000 each to enhance the operation of these crucial educational institutions. County Secretary Truphosa Amere made this announcement during a ceremony at the Kitale Vocational Training Centre, where she also received a substantial donation of 257 sewing and knitting machines valued at over Kes 30 million from Tools to Work, a Dutch charity organization. This dual initiative underscores the county’s unwavering dedication to promoting technical skills acquisition and entrepreneurship among its youth population.

Amere highlighted the County Assembly’s approval of the capitation plan, emphasizing its role in fostering the dissemination of technical skills and facilitating high student enrollment in VTCs. With an eye towards job creation and self-employment opportunities, she encouraged students to take their technical education seriously, recognizing its potential to empower individuals in a challenging job market.

Education CECM Capt. Stanley Kirui echoed Governor George Natembeya’s steadfast commitment to knowledge transfer, emphasizing the importance of providing a conducive learning environment for students to acquire technical expertise. Kirui outlined plans to recruit 56 additional instructors to VTCs, aiming to bolster the institutions’ human capital and ensure quality education delivery by addressing staffing gaps.

Furthermore, Capt. Kirui unveiled plans to leverage VTCs for the production of school uniforms for Early Childhood Development Education (ECDE) pupils across the county, as well as for county staff, citing the potential cost savings and logistical advantages of local production.

The donation of technical tools from Tools to Work was hailed as a game-changer by Eliud Lusweti, the Trans-Nzoia County Director for Vocational Training Centers, who emphasized its transformative impact on vocational training in the region. Lusweti expressed gratitude for the donation, highlighting its potential to enhance technical education and increase student enrollment across the county’s 32 VTCs.

The function was attended by key stakeholders, including Boniface Cheloti, Chairman of the County Assembly’s Education Committee, Tuwan MCA Francis Were, Joshua Amwai, Vice Chairperson of the Education Committee in the County Assembly, and ECDE Director Peter Omonya, alongside members of the board of management from the county’s VTCs.