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Elevating Hospitality Standards: Kitale Hoteliers Undergo Training

Elevating Hospitality Standards: Kitale Hoteliers Undergo Training

The Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) leads a two-day training session for hoteliers in Trans Nzoia County, aiming to enhance hospitality standards and promote collaboration within the industry.

Hoteliers in Trans Nzoia County are poised for an uplift in hospitality standards following a comprehensive two-day training session led by the Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA). The training aimed to familiarize participants with newly developed standards and procedures, ultimately striving to elevate the quality of services offered by hotels in the region.

Central to the training was an introduction to the latest standards outlined by the TRA, which will serve as benchmarks for assessing hotels in the county. These guidelines, meticulously crafted by the authority, encompass criteria for classification and star rating, providing a clear framework for hoteliers to strive towards excellence.

Dr. Wachilonga, Director of Gender, Youth, Sports, Culture, and Tourism, lauded the TRA’s proactive approach in addressing longstanding challenges within the industry. He emphasized the importance of collaboration between stakeholders and the role of standardized procedures in fostering cohesion and growth.

County Secretary Madam Truphosa Amere expressed gratitude to both the TRA and participants for their commitment to improving hospitality standards. She underscored the county government’s support for initiatives aimed at enhancing service quality, highlighting the potential for economic growth through strengthened partnerships with the hospitality sector.

Amere urged hoteliers to prioritize consistency and sustainability in their service delivery, recognizing it as a pivotal factor in attracting visitors and driving business growth. She pledged the county government’s assistance in achieving the standards set forth by the TRA, citing resources such as the Nawiri fund as avenues for collaboration and support.

Mr. Griffin Wanyonyi, Director of Culture, echoed the sentiment of increased accreditation and star ratings among hotels following the training program. He encouraged active participation from hoteliers, emphasizing the tangible benefits of enhancing service offerings and meeting industry standards.

In his closing remarks, Mr. Nicholas Nandasaba, Director of Gender, Youth, Sports, Culture, and Tourism, highlighted the need for additional facilities to host public events in the county. He called upon potential investors to consider opportunities in this sector, recognizing the potential for growth and development.

Nandasaba expressed appreciation to the TRA for spearheading the training program, underscoring its significance in advancing the hospitality sector in Trans Nzoia County.