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Empowering Mothers: Maternity Open Day at Kitale County Referral Hospital

Empowering Mothers: Maternity Open Day at Kitale County Referral Hospital

The Trans Nzoia County Department of Health organized a "Maternity Open Day" at Kitale County Referral Hospital, providing expectant mothers with a unique opportunity to acquaint themselves with the facility ..

Trans-Nzoia County Department of Health orchestrated a proactive move by organizing a “Maternity Open Day” on Thursday, 29th February 2024, at the Kitale County Referral Hospital. This unique event was designed to offer pregnant women a firsthand experience of the facility, facilitate interactions with healthcare experts, and provide valuable information on antenatal care, childbirth, and postnatal services.

The “Maternity Open Day” received support from the USAID AMPATH Uzima Program, a prominent health partner in the county known for its commitment to enhancing healthcare services

Pregnant women participating in the event had the opportunity to tour the maternity ward, engaging in discussions facilitated by healthcare professionals. This interactive platform allowed for addressing concerns, clarifying misconceptions, and educating mothers on the array of services available for both maternal and child health.

Esther Saidi, the Facility Nursing Service Manager, stressed the significance of attending preconception and antenatal clinics for the overall well-being of both mother and baby. She encouraged mothers to seek health education and screenings to identify and address any potential health problems.

“We encourage mothers who desire to have children to visit the hospital for health education and screening of any health problems that may adversely affect the mother and the baby,” Saidi highlighted, showcasing the commitment to proactive maternal healthcare.

Dr. Anthony Wamalwa, the Medical Superintendent of Kitale County Referral Hospital, emphasized the importance of early and regular attendance to clinic appointments. He also shared insights into the progress of other county hospitals, including Wamalwa Kijana, Kwanza, and Tom Mboya, which are nearing completion and will soon offer comprehensive maternal, newborn, and child health services.

Involving partners in maternal care was underscored by Dr. Wamalwa: “Mothers should be accompanied by their spouses for education, so they can better support in handling any emergencies.”

Fridah Lunani, Nursing Services Manager at Wamalwa Kijana Teaching and Referral Hospital, provided insight into the upcoming services at the facility, emphasizing the need for mothers to be accompanied by supportive individuals and discouraging reliance on unqualified midwives.

Dan Omolo, Maternal and Newborn Health Focal Person from USAID AMPATH Uzima, stressed the importance of building healthy relationships between mothers and healthcare providers. He invited mothers to join antenatal care groups for peer support, emphasizing USAID AMPATH Uzima’s collaboration with the department of health to ensure continuous, quality care for mothers.

Pamela Semo, County Community Health Services Coordinator, reiterated the administration’s dedication to providing quality healthcare services. She encouraged expectant mothers to seek guidance from community health promoters and emphasized the risks associated with home deliveries, urging mothers to prioritize professional care.

The “Maternity Open Day” stands as a testament to Trans-Nzoia County’s commitment to maternal health awareness, community engagement, and the provision of quality healthcare services for expectant mothers.