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Enhancing Accountability: Trans Nzoia County Workers to Sign Performance Contracts

Enhancing Accountability: Trans Nzoia County Workers to Sign Performance Contracts

Trans Nzoia County Secretary Truphosa Amere emphasizes the importance of performance contracts to boost service delivery and accountability among employees.

Truphosa Amere, the County Secretary of Trans Nzoia, has underscored the significance of performance contracts as a tool to enhance accountability and improve service delivery among county employees. Speaking at the official closure of a weeklong training workshop for senior county officials held at Wamalwa Kijana Referral Hospital, Amere emphasized the need for a culture of accountability and efficiency among public servants.

“We are going to be public servants who are enthusiastic about performance contracts,” Amere stated, emphasizing the commitment to implementing measures that promote transparency and productivity within the county workforce.

Philip Kapten, the Chief Officer of Public Service Management (PSM), echoed Amere’s sentiments, dispelling misconceptions about performance contracting as a form of witch-hunting. Kapten stressed the importance of aligning individual responsibilities with organizational goals to drive overall performance and success.

During the training workshop, Imelda Agoi, the Director of Human Resource Management (HRM), addressed various topics related to performance contracts, work-related issues, and service delivery. Agoi emphasized that performance contracts would apply to all staff members, regardless of their position within the county government.

Agoi urged senior staff members to fulfill their responsibilities diligently and refrain from engaging in activities unrelated to their roles, such as frequent visits to financial and procurement offices. She emphasized the importance of timely communication with the County Secretary’s office regarding any departmental transfers or changes.

Additionally, Agoi encouraged employees to pursue further education as a means of improving their performance and skill set. She highlighted the accessibility of online courses as a cost-effective option for professional development, urging employees to take advantage of these opportunities.

Finance CEC Boniface Wanyonyi advised participants to plan their activities in accordance with available resources, emphasizing the need for prudent financial management to achieve desired outcomes.

Samuel Ereng, Director of the Government Delivery Unit (GDU), emphasized the importance of collaboration among departments and the sharing of information to facilitate efficient service delivery.

The training workshop, conducted by the GDU and PSM, aimed to equip senior government officials with the necessary skills and knowledge in performance management. Led by Head of GDU Wanyonyi Ndinyo, the workshop featured facilitators including Agoi, Ereng, Phoebe Bichunju, Lucy Nyambura, and Lawrence Kirui.