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Governor Natembeya Advocates for Increased County Funding

Governor Natembeya Advocates for Increased County Funding

Governor George Natembeya calls for enhanced funding for counties to improve service delivery and development, during a meeting with Busia County Assembly members.

Governor George Natembeya of Trans Nzoia has urged the national government to increase funding for counties beyond the minimum amount currently stipulated by law. Speaking on Wednesday, Natembeya expressed regret that despite the devolution of crucial services to county governments, the Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) has been allocating minimal funding.

During a meeting at Town Hall with trade and cooperatives committee members from the Busia County Assembly, who were visiting for benchmarking, Governor Natembeya emphasized the need for more substantial financial support from the national government. He stated, “Many important responsibilities that directly impact people’s lives have been devolved. However, the resources allocated for these functions are limited. There should be concerted efforts and goodwill to increase the funding.”

Natembeya highlighted that while the law requires a minimum allocation, it does not restrict the CRA from providing more than the minimum to the counties. He believes that with increased funding, counties could achieve more significant development outcomes. Despite the limited resources, his administration has made notable strides in various development projects.

A key highlight of Governor Natembeya’s administration has been the uniform allocation of Ksh. 25 million per ward, ensuring equitable distribution of resources regardless of party affiliations. Additionally, his government has prioritized improving livelihoods through initiatives such as the Nawiri Fund, which supports vulnerable communities by providing them with tenders upon receiving funds. “This move will truly empower our people. The essence of leadership is to improve livelihoods, and that is what I am doing,” added Natembeya.

The meeting saw the participation of Busia Assembly members led by Chair Bonventure Makokha, with the Trans Nzoia delegation headed by Tuwan MCA Francis Were. The discussions underscored the importance of adequate funding for county governments to enhance service delivery and spur local development.

Governor Natembeya’s call for increased funding aligns with the broader goal of ensuring that devolution effectively addresses the needs of the people by providing counties with the necessary resources to fulfill their mandates.