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Governor Natembeya Advocates Transparency and Accountability in Trans-Nzoia County Contracts

Governor Natembeya Advocates Transparency and Accountability in Trans-Nzoia County Contracts

Governor George Natembeya calls for ethical practices and transparency, addressing concerns over incomplete projects and pending bills.

In a resolute effort to promote transparency, accountability, and community development, Governor George Natembeya has issued a strong directive to contractors operating within Trans-Nzoia County during a meeting with Roads contractors. The governor emphasized the imperative need for ethical practices and transparency in projects to ensure taxpayers’ funds are utilized efficiently for the benefit of the community.

Expressing concern over pending bills and incomplete projects, Governor Natembeya addressed instances of substandard work during adverse weather conditions and attributed pending bills to false claims by contractors colluding with certain officers. The governor underscored a commitment to high-quality work that prioritizes the well-being of residents.

Governor Natembeya urged contractors to offer job opportunities to local residents, emphasizing the dual benefits of profitable government projects and community development. He called for fair and transparent ward-specific projects, with a strong emphasis on legal procedures and documentation.

Advocating for a competitive selection process, the governor condemned the involvement of staff in awarding tenders for personal gain, emphasizing the need for fairness and merit. Contractors were urged to complete work promptly, within budgets, and adhere to supervision and documentation requirements.

Governor Natembeya expressed a keen interest in clear visibility on contractors’ payments and recipients of contracts, particularly for long-term projects. He pledged strict action against corruption, warning against bribes and affirming a commitment to the rule of law.

Contractors were guided through the procurement process to ensure adherence to correct procedures and compliance with regulations. The governor sternly warned against subcontracting or selling contracts, emphasizing the importance of integrity in project execution.

To streamline project management, contractors were requested to submit comprehensive work plans before commencing work, promoting timely and accountable project delivery. The governor stressed the importance of valid and accurate documentation, adherence to contract terms and conditions, and the impact of incomplete projects on community development.

Governor Natembeya assured the public of his commitment to working closely with contractors to establish payment schedules and ensure mutual accountability. The event, held at a Kitale hotel, was attended by County Assembly members, executive members, and county staff.