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Governor Natembeya Pledges Continued Support for Education

Governor Natembeya Pledges Continued Support for Education

Governor George Natembeya commits to expanding bursaries and scholarships for underprivileged students, criticizes ambiguous national education policies, and highlights local initiatives during the Catholic schools' education day.

Governor George Natembeya reaffirmed his administration’s dedication to supporting the education of underprivileged students through bursaries and scholarships. Speaking at the Catholic schools’ education day held at St. Brigid’s Girls in Kiminini on Saturday, Natembeya emphasized the importance of empowering needy students to become agents of change in society.

This fiscal year, over 25,000 students in day schools have benefited from bursaries, Governor Natembeya revealed. He also announced plans to expand the scholarship program, particularly targeting bright and needy students in national schools, to elevate the county’s educational standards. “Needy students should be empowered to obtain an education and become agents of change in society,” he stated.

Governor Natembeya criticized the national government’s claim of providing free basic education, pointing out the financial burden placed on parents who must pay for school lunches. He expressed concern that such ambiguous policies from the Ministry of Education could negatively impact underprivileged students’ access to education. “They claim basic education is free, but sadly, some have decided parents must pay upwards of 3,000 to 5,000 shillings for lunch. This ambiguity is hindering basic education access. We’re losing future professionals and scholars who could change our country,” Natembeya lamented.

Further, the Governor criticized the university placement system, arguing that it has long denied Kenyan students the opportunity to pursue their desired fields due to the “quota system.” He questioned, “How many students with excellent grades who dreamt of studying medicine are forced into irrelevant courses? This system crushes dreams. We need a nation that empowers its people to achieve their aspirations.”

Governor Natembeya urged students to seize the educational opportunities offered and to heed the guidance of their teachers and clergy. He encouraged them to set ambitious goals and prioritize their studies. Natembeya commended the Catholic Church for its unwavering dedication to education, acknowledging the integration of faith fostering well-rounded student development.

On the subject of national politics, Governor Natembeya declared his refusal to endorse leaders who have failed to fulfill their public service obligations. “I will not be party to leaders who promote tribalism, poverty, and ethnic profiling. We must say ‘TAWE’ to such individuals,” he declared. He urged Kenyans to have the courage to reject injustice and face the consequences for a brighter future.