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Governor Natembeya Vows to Improve Healthcare, Opens New Adventist Hospital

Governor Natembeya Vows to Improve Healthcare, Opens New Adventist Hospital

Governor Natembeya opens Kitale Adventist Mission Hospital, pledging improved healthcare access and emphasizing residents' right to quality medical services.

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya pledged improved healthcare access for county residents during the official opening of the Kitale Adventist Mission Hospital on Sunday in Waitaluk. 

Natembeya highlighted the county’s challenges, stating, “How can it be business as usual when 5000 women are losing their lives due to pregnancy-related complications?” He emphasized his administration’s commitment, stating, “Access to quality, accessible, and affordable healthcare is not a favor we do for our people. It is their right!”

The governor outlined various initiatives, including investing KES. 3 billion in healthcare since 2022 and implementing the Primary Health Care Model. He also pointed to the upcoming Tom Mboya Mother and Baby Hospital and the operationalization of the Wamalwa Kijana Teaching and Referral Hospital.

Expressing appreciation for the Adventist Church’s contribution, Natembeya said, “The Kitale Adventist Mission Hospital will provide critical services… It is a symbol of hope for our people, that change is coming.”

Natembeya urged residents to prioritize their health, stating, “Your health is your wealth… So, seek medical attention as soon as possible.” 

The governor addressed recent youth protests, saying, “The resources set aside for conveniences can go a long way in improving the lives of our people.” He explained austerity measures to free up resources for development and urged leaders to prioritize service delivery.

Natembeya closed by emphasizing his faith, stating, “God is the giver of good health… He has graciously granted us the opportunity to be laborers with Him.” He pledged the county’s commitment to ensuring everyone’s right to quality healthcare.

The event was also attended by CEC Health Mr. Samson Ojwang.