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Our Mission is to facilitate transformative development, service delivery and good governance for sustainable socio-economic development and Our Vision is to be an outstanding agro-industrialized County with high quality of life for residents.

Governor Natembeya’s Vision: A Flourishing Trans Nzoia through Empowerment and Development

Governor Natembeya’s Vision: A Flourishing Trans Nzoia through Empowerment and Development

Explore the transformative roadmap outlined by Governor Natembeya, shaping a prosperous future for Trans Nzoia through strategic initiatives and visionary policies.

Governor George Natembeya, in his second State of the County address, unveiled a bold vision for Trans Nzoia, emphasizing public participation, talent development, economic empowerment, and comprehensive initiatives addressing key challenges. From constructing offices for sub-county administrators to empowering vulnerable populations through the Ukombozi Social Empowerment Programme, the governor envisions a thriving future with a focus on inclusivity, development, and innovation.

In a compelling State of the County address at the County Assembly, Governor George Natembeya unveiled a bold vision for Trans Nzoia, charting a course towards a future marked by empowerment, development, and inclusivity.

Governor Natembeya emphasized the crucial role of public participation in devolution, introducing initiatives like the Governor’s Kikao and empowering ward and sub-county administrators by constructing dedicated offices for improved service accessibility. Enhancements in security were highlighted through the employment of security wardens and the construction of a state-of-the-art county headquarters.

The governor expressed a strong commitment to talent and sports development, announcing plans for a county football team and a well-equipped stadium. Cultural celebrations, including the Sirekere Sya Festival, were underscored for their role in promoting diversity.

Acknowledging challenges related to gender-based violence, new HIV infections, and teenage pregnancies, Governor Natembeya revealed plans for a County Gender Policy to address these issues. The Ukombozi Social Empowerment Programme was introduced to provide cash transfers to vulnerable populations.

Economic empowerment took center stage, with initiatives supporting small-scale traders, boda-boda operators, and market development. The Nawiri Program aims to facilitate business opportunities with the government, and urban beautification programs are already underway. Plans to upgrade Kiminini town to a municipality were also introduced.

Addressing land issues, efforts to implement recommendations from the Wasike Task Force were highlighted. Plans for a titling program and the reconstitution of the Kitale Municipal Board aim to streamline land matters.

Governor Natembeya reiterated the commitment to developing a Human Resource master plan and conducting continuous training needs assessments. Recruitment plans include addressing critical positions and absorbing casuals in various departments.

The governor underscored the importance of road maintenance, electricity access, and the promotion of a 24-hour economy. Exploring partnerships with organizations like ATC Kenya to improve internet access for youth, revenue collection strategies, and plans for subsidizing electricity in rural areas were also key points in Governor Natembeya’s comprehensive vision.

As he concluded, the governor left an indelible mark of determination to propel Trans Nzoia into a future marked by progress, innovation, and collective prosperity.