Welcome to Trans-Nzoia County

Our Mission is to facilitate transformative development, service delivery and good governance for sustainable socio-economic development and Our Vision is to be an outstanding agro-industrialized County with high quality of life for residents.

Governor Natembeya’s Vision for Cultural Heritage, Gender Equality, and Economic Prosperity

Governor Natembeya’s Vision for Cultural Heritage, Gender Equality, and Economic Prosperity

Explore the dynamic initiatives set forth by Governor Natembeya, envisioning a revitalized Trans Nzoia that embraces its rich cultural tapestry while championing equality and prosperity.

Governor George Natembeya, in a visionary State of the County address, unveils transformative initiatives to preserve cultural heritage, promote gender equality, and drive economic growth in Trans Nzoia. From the vibrant Sirekere Sya Festival celebrating diverse traditions to impactful social empowerment programs and innovative economic strategies, Natembeya charts a course for a renaissance, fostering inclusivity and sustainable development.

Acknowledging the global interconnectedness, Governor Natembeya stressed the proactive measures taken to ensure the survival of local traditions. The inaugural Sirekere Sya Festival, showcasing the richness of 13 different tribes, marked a significant step. Plans for an even grander festival involving all 47 ethnic communities in the county are set for December 26, 2024.

Addressing critical issues related to gender-based violence, new HIV infections, and teenage pregnancies, the Governor highlighted the collaborative effort to develop a County Gender Policy with Trans Nzoia Women Leaders, set for launch on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2024. The Ukombozi Social Empowerment Programme, allocating KES. 110 million, aims to support over 2000 individuals with daily upkeep starting March 1, 2024.

Recognizing the importance of the boda boda community and small-scale traders, the administration reduced license fees and improved market facilities. The Nawiri Program, linking loans to tenders for a 100% repayment rate, is poised to launch with over 250 groups on February 23, 2024.

Urban revitalization efforts include an urban beautification program for Kitale town and plans to upgrade Kiminini town to a municipality. Successful public land repossession and a titling program aim to provide secure land tenure for residents.

Governor Natembeya emphasized the commitment to developing a Human Resource master plan, hiring revenue collection officers, and continuous employee capacity enhancement through partnerships. Accessibility improvements, road maintenance, electricity subsidies in rural areas, and digital access partnerships showcase dedication to economic growth.

Efforts to enhance revenue collection involve hiring additional officers, overhauling the collection system, and automating cess collection. The proposed Intergovernmental Transfer Agreement, if approved, could unlock an additional KES. 1.1 billion, significantly impacting the county’s development agenda.

As Governor Natembeya laid out this visionary roadmap, Trans Nzoia stands on the cusp of a renaissance, embracing its cultural tapestry, championing equality, and fostering sustainable economic prosperity.