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Kitale Municipal Board Takes Action to Mitigate Flooding Risks

Kitale Municipal Board Takes Action to Mitigate Flooding Risks

The Kitale Municipal Board has initiated proactive measures to mitigate the risk of flooding by conducting thorough inspections and unclogging drainage systems throughout the town.

In a proactive effort to address potential flooding risks, the Kitale Municipal Board has embarked on a comprehensive initiative aimed at inspecting and clearing drainage systems across the town. The decision to undertake these measures follows increasing apprehensions regarding safety hazards associated with open manholes and obstructed drains, particularly during periods of heavy rainfall.

Jane Rose Mutama, the County Executive Committee Member (CEC) for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development, underscored the importance of this initiative in ensuring the safety and well-being of Kitale residents. “We have observed a concerning number of vandalized sewerline manhole covers, posing significant risks to pedestrians,” Mutama stated. “It is imperative that we take swift action to address these hazards and safeguard our community.”

The Municipal Board, tasked with overseeing Kitale’s infrastructure and welfare, has committed to ensuring the prompt restoration of all manhole covers and the effective functioning of drainage systems, as confirmed by Mutama. By conducting regular maintenance work and repairs, the Board aims to minimize the likelihood of flooding incidents and associated damages.

In addition to the maintenance efforts, the Municipal Board plans to launch a comprehensive public awareness campaign focused on promoting responsible waste disposal practices and the importance of preserving drainage infrastructure. “Littering remains a primary cause of drainage blockages, exacerbating flood risks in our town,” highlighted Irine Nang’ole, Chair of the Kitale Municipal Board. “Educating the public about proper waste management is paramount to mitigating these risks and ensuring the resilience of our community.”

The inspection tour, which was conducted in the presence of Municipal Board Vice Chair Madam Alice Mwai, the municipal engineer, and environmental officers, reaffirmed the Board’s commitment to proactive measures aimed at enhancing the town’s resilience to flooding. Through collaborative efforts and community engagement, the Kitale Municipal Board seeks to create a safer and more sustainable environment for all residents.