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Kitale National Museum Transitions to Trans Nzoia County Governance

Kitale National Museum Transitions to Trans Nzoia County Governance

The Kitale National Museum officially transitions to Trans Nzoia County governance, marking a new chapter in cultural preservation and tourism promotion.

The Kitale National Museum has officially transitioned to the governance of Trans Nzoia County. Originally opened in 1924, the museum now enters a new chapter under the county government.

The decision to devolve the museum from national to county management was not arbitrary. Stanley Kirui, the County Executive Committee Member for Gender, Youth, Sports, Culture, and Tourism, emphasized the county government’s commitment to upgrading the museum. He cited the belief that local management would better serve the people of Trans Nzoia and promote cultural preservation.

As part of the transition, staff rationalization and deployment are underway. While some positions will be reevaluated, those with specialized skills essential to the museum’s operation will continue their roles. Jane Wachwenge, the County Officer for Gender, Youth, Sports, Culture, and Tourism, expressed optimism about the change. “Transitioning the museum to the county is a blessing in disguise,” she said, emphasizing unity among staff members.

All 19 existing staff members will transition to the county government and be placed on the county payroll. This move ensures continuity while aligning with the broader goal of preserving and promoting cultural heritage.

The objectives of this transition are twofold. First, the museum aims to become a hub for cultural diversity. At least half of the cultural homesteads will be built within its premises, showcasing the rich heritage of the 42 tribes residing in Trans Nzoia. Second, the museum seeks to boost tourism. Trans Nzoia County, known for its scenic beauty and historical significance, aspires to be a premier tourism circuit in the western region.

Frederick Masheti Palapala, the museum’s curator, described the occasion as a promising moment. “Marking this milestone,” he said, “we embark on a new era where the Kitale National Museum becomes a beacon of cultural pride and historical awareness.”