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Land Dispute Resolved Through Alternative Dispute Resolution in Trans Nzoia County

Land Dispute Resolved Through Alternative Dispute Resolution in Trans Nzoia County

A protracted land dispute in Trans Nzoia County has finally been put to rest through the utilization of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), marking a significant milestone in community reconciliation.

In a landmark development for Trans Nzoia County, a longstanding land dispute has been successfully resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), signaling a triumph of diplomacy and community reconciliation. Janerose Nasimiyu Mutama, the County Executive Committee Member for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development, announced the positive outcome of negotiations between the Kimbui family and the Nabakwana community, effectively bringing an end to years of contention.

The dispute, which involved the Kimbui family and members of the Nabakwana and Chesitia communities residing in Endebess sub-county, had escalated to the point of eviction orders being granted by the court. However, the intervention of the county government of Trans Nzoia, spearheaded by Mutama’s department, sought to explore alternative avenues for resolution.

Mutama expressed gratitude for the collaborative spirit exhibited by both parties throughout the negotiation process. She commended the Kimbui family, particularly Mrs. Kimbui, Pamela the land administrator, and Isaac Munene, a family representative, for their willingness to engage in constructive dialogue and reach a mutually beneficial agreement.

As part of the resolution, the Kimbui family demonstrated a commitment to humanitarian values by generously donating 100 acres of the disputed land to the Nabakwana community. The county government, through the Department of Lands, facilitated all necessary procedures related to land use planning, including valuation, physical planning, survey, and subdivisions, ensuring a smooth transition and settlement for the affected families.

Mutama acknowledged the proactive intervention of Governor George Natembeya’s administration, which played a pivotal role in averting the potential trauma of eviction for the Nabakwana community, who had called the disputed land home for over four decades. She emphasized the importance of peaceful conflict resolution mechanisms such as ADR in addressing emotive land issues and urged the public to pursue legal redress or resort to ADR for peaceful resolution.

Furthermore, Mutama expressed concern over the prevalence of land disputes and eviction orders in the county, particularly in Endebess sub-county. However, she remained optimistic that with continued cooperation and dialogue, amicable solutions could be reached in pending cases. She lauded the collaboration between her department and the Ministry of Interior through the Trans Nzoia County Commissioner’s office, highlighting the effectiveness of joint efforts in resolving complex land disputes and promoting harmony within communities.