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Our Mission is to facilitate transformative development, service delivery and good governance for sustainable socio-economic development and Our Vision is to be an outstanding agro-industrialized County with high quality of life for residents.

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Trans Nzoia gender chief officer Jane Wachwenge emphasizes the importance of love and support for children with disabilities, urging parents to enroll them in special schools for better educational opportunities and advocating for their economic empowerment through community-based organizations.
A decades-long land dispute in Mowlem sees progress as Governor George Natembeya's directive prompts fruitful discussions between disputing factions, resulting in an agreement facilitated by the County Executive Committee for Lands.
The County Government of Trans Nzoia has received a significant boost in its development endeavors with the acquisition of a fleet of vehicles and machinery from the Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee (IGRTC).
Trans Nzoia County’s Director of Administration in the Department of Education, Stephan Mukubui, has urged vocational training managers and trainers to embrace technology and music to attract more youth to their centres.
Local communities in Saboti, Kinyoro, and Matisi wards support the implementation of climate resilient projects funded by the World Bank's FLLoCA program, as the County Climate Change Unit screens and oversees the selection of Project Management Committees
The Tourism Regulatory Authority (TRA) leads a two-day training session for hoteliers in Trans Nzoia County, aiming to enhance hospitality standards and promote collaboration within the industry.
The Trans Nzoia County Assembly's Education Committee expresses firm support for the establishment of a public university within the county, citing potential economic and social benefits.
County Secretary Truphosa Amere affirms full backing for the establishment of a public university in Trans Nzoia, highlighting its potential to spur economic growth and educational advancement.
Trans Nzoia County Secretary Truphosa Amere emphasizes the importance of performance contracts to boost service delivery and accountability among employees.
Workers in Trans Nzoia County are being urged to embrace the upcoming signing of performance contracts as a positive step towards enhancing service delivery.
Religious and community leaders in Trans Nzoia County have expressed their support for Governor George Natembeya's proposal to establish a university in the region.
The Trans Nzoia County government, led by County Executive Committee Member Janerose Mutama, has embarked on discussions to address a longstanding land dispute concerning a 40-acre parcel in Mowlem.