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Our Mission is to facilitate transformative development, service delivery and good governance for sustainable socio-economic development and Our Vision is to be an outstanding agro-industrialized County with high quality of life for residents.

NateCare and Beyond: Governor Natembeya’s Visionary Healthcare and Environmental Roadmap

NateCare and Beyond: Governor Natembeya’s Visionary Healthcare and Environmental Roadmap

Explore the groundbreaking initiatives and comprehensive strategies outlined by Governor Natembeya to elevate healthcare standards and champion environmental sustainability

Governor George Natembeya, in his second State of the County address, unveiled a transformative agenda addressing crucial issues in health, agriculture, water access, waste management, and climate change. Initiatives like the NateCare Program and BagMaize for Health Insurance Program demonstrate a commitment to uplifting residents, with a focus on healthcare accessibility, environmental sustainability, and socio-economic development in Trans Nzoia County.

Governor Natembeya highlighted the stark reality that 50% of the population in the county is below the poverty line. In response, he introduced the NateCare Program, a revolutionary effort providing health insurance to over 2500 indigents and their dependents for a year. Persons with disabilities now receive free medical care under this program, benefiting over 400 individuals.

Recognizing the county’s heavy reliance on maize farming, the governor introduced the BagMaize for Health Insurance Program. This initiative benefits 550 households in exchange for health insurance coverage, with plans to expand coverage through free seed distribution programs, aiming towards achieving Universal Health Care.

Addressing the deteriorating state of Kitale County Referral Hospital, Governor Natembeya announced the migration of services to the Wamalwa Kijana Teaching and Referral Hospital. The transformation aims to create a world-class mental health facility, ensuring dignity and quality care for patients.

In a bid to enhance healthcare governance, a task force was established to review the healthcare system’s status. The governor introduced the Information Health Management System to improve resource and personnel management through technology integration.

On water management and waste solutions, Governor Natembeya emphasized the importance of clean and safe water access. Plans include drilling two boreholes in every ward, with a focus on solid waste management through partnerships and recycling initiatives. The governor commended and supported a local entrepreneur’s project utilizing bagasse for sanitary towels.

Acknowledging the impact of climate change on agriculture and livelihoods, the county enacted the Climate Change Act and participated in the FLLOCA Program to build community resilience. Governor Natembeya made a commitment to plant 55 million trees over the next five years, establishing partnerships to finance conservation activities. This visionary healthcare and environmental roadmap reflects Governor Natembeya’s dedication to uplifting the well-being of Trans-Nzoia County residents.