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Road Infrastructure Upgrades Transform Accessibility in Imani, Kiminini Sub-County

Road Infrastructure Upgrades Transform Accessibility in Imani, Kiminini Sub-County

Ongoing road improvement projects in Imani area, Sikhendu ward, are enhancing accessibility and easing transportation of goods and services for residents.

Residents of Imani area in Sikhendu ward, Trans Nzoia County, are experiencing significant improvements in accessibility and transportation of goods and services, thanks to ongoing road works spearheaded by Governor George Natembeya. These initiatives mark a significant step towards fulfilling campaign promises and highlight the county’s dedication to infrastructure development.

Supervised by Dismas Matifari, the supervisor for the Trans Nzoia County Department of Roads, the project focuses on the Bush clearing, grading, gravel patching, and culvert installations along the Musumba-Imani Primary School-Lubao Water Spring road spanning 2.5 kilometers. Matifari emphasized the project’s broader impact, stating, “This project will ensure easier movement of people and goods within the Imani area. Residents will also have improved access to essential government services, including healthcare and education.”

This initiative forms part of a comprehensive effort to upgrade roads across the county, with concurrent works underway on other key routes. Projects such as the Siamba, Miti 10 Road, Citizen Road, and the 5-kilometer Mwiruri road in Sikhendu involve roads opening, bush clearing, and gravel patching of previously neglected stretches.

Matifari called upon residents to collaborate with government officials and contractors to ensure the project’s success. He urged those who have encroached on road reserves to remove any obstacles hindering construction, emphasizing the importance of smooth progress.

“We call upon all road contractors to deliver high-quality work that meets all standards,” Matifari added. “The people of Trans Nzoia County deserve value for their money.”

The investment in infrastructure upgrades is expected to have a transformative effect on the lives of residents in Kiminini Sub-County. Improved road networks will not only facilitate economic activity but also enhance access to essential services, contributing to overall community development and well-being.