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Trans Nzoia County Advances Development with Road Construction in Matumbei Ward

Trans Nzoia County Advances Development with Road Construction in Matumbei Ward

The Trans Nzoia administration, under Governor George Natembeya's leadership, is spearheading a transformative road construction projects in the county.

In a significant move to enhance transportation infrastructure and stimulate economic growth, the Trans Nzoia administration, led by Governor George Natembeya, has launched a comprehensive road construction endeavor in Matumbei ward, situated in Endebess sub-county.

Mr. Chrispinus Wakoli, the Clerk of Works for the Department of Roads and Public Works, unveiled details of the project during a recent inspection visit. He revealed that the initiative encompasses the construction of over five major roads and 22 minor roads within Matumbei ward. Priority will be given to light grading and bush clearing on the smaller routes to improve accessibility.

Addressing the challenges posed by Matumbei’s rugged terrain, particularly the slopes of Mount Elgon, Wakoli emphasized the necessity of heavy machinery such as dozers to open up roads that have been neglected for years.

Margaret Mutai, the Member of County Assembly (MCA) representing the area, underscored the project’s significance, citing the previous fiscal year’s achievements where over 33 kilometers of roads were constructed in the ward. In the current phase, utilizing county graders allocated to each MCA for 12 working days across all 25 wards, approximately 20 kilometers of roads have already been completed.

MCA Mutai stressed the pivotal role of a well-developed road network in driving economic progress. “The efficient transportation of agricultural produce, access to healthcare services, and ensuring children can attend school all hinge on the presence of good roads,” she remarked.

While acknowledging the inconvenience caused by construction on roads that have been neglected for 15 years, Mutai urged residents to exercise patience. She commended their cooperation, which has facilitated the smooth progress of the project.

The Department of Works outlined the specific roadworks being undertaken, including bush clearing, heavy grading, culvert installation, full graveling, and mitre drain opening, across various routes within Matumbei ward. These efforts signify a concerted push by the county administration to pave the way for development and prosperity in the region.