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Trans Nzoia County Enhances Accessibility with Road Maintenance Program

Trans Nzoia County Enhances Accessibility with Road Maintenance Program

Trans Nzoia County is prioritizing improved accessibility through a comprehensive road maintenance initiative.

The Trans Nzoia county administration is taking proactive steps to enhance accessibility and streamline the movement of goods and services by implementing a rigorous road maintenance program. Led by County Executive Committee (CEC) Member for Roads, Mr. Jackson Amboka, and Engineer Rachel Wangoi, the county is committed to ensuring that its road infrastructure meets the highest standards.

During a recent inspection tour of ongoing road works across the county, Mr. Amboka reiterated the administration’s dedication to improving road accessibility. He emphasized that well-constructed roads are essential for facilitating efficient transportation, ultimately benefiting the county’s residents by enhancing connectivity and fostering economic growth.

“We are fully committed to the vision of Governor George Natembeya’s administration, which prioritizes accessible roads across the county,” stated Mr. Amboka. “By investing in our road infrastructure, we aim to facilitate the seamless movement of goods and services, thereby contributing to the overall development of our communities.”

The inspection tour focused on several key projects, including the construction of box culverts in various wards such as Bidii, Wekhonye in Kiminini Ward, Nakhosi in Kinyoro Ward, and Ngoye. These projects are crucial for improving drainage and ensuring the longevity of the road network.

Engineer Rachel Wangoi, echoing Mr. Amboka’s sentiments, stressed the importance of using quality materials and adhering to construction specifications to guarantee the durability of the roads. She emphasized the administration’s commitment to constructing roads that withstand the test of time and effectively serve the needs of the local communities.

“As we undertake these road maintenance projects, our primary objective is to ensure that the infrastructure lasts for years to come and meets the demands of our growing population,” noted Engineer Wangoi. “By investing in durable road infrastructure, we are laying the foundation for sustainable development and improved livelihoods for our residents.”