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Trans Nzoia County Enhances Infrastructure and Water Access in Kitale Municipality

Trans Nzoia County Enhances Infrastructure and Water Access in Kitale Municipality

Trans Nzoia County boosts infrastructure and water access in Kitale Municipality, fulfilling Governor Natembeya's manifesto promises and enhancing residents' lives.

The Trans Nzoia County Department of Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development is making significant strides in fulfilling Governor George Natembeya’s manifesto promises. These initiatives aim to improve the lives of residents and attract investment and tourism to the county.

Under the leadership of CEC Janerose Nasimiyu Mutama, the department is prioritizing access to clean and safe water for the people working at Bondeni Market within Kitale Municipality. A 32,000-liter steel tank and two 10,000-liter plastic tanks have been installed at the market, addressing water shortages that traders and nearby residents have faced in the past.

CEC Mutama emphasized that this project aligns with the governor’s vision and will enhance service delivery within Kitale Municipality. “Our commitment extends beyond water provision,” she stated. “We are also focusing on sanitation facilities, accessible roads, drainage, and security lighting.”

The beautification efforts extend to Kitale Museums Way, where precast concrete paving, pit excavation, and lawn grass planting are underway. The goal is to create an aesthetically pleasing environment that attracts visitors and showcases the town’s rich heritage.

Municipal Manager Madam Irene Nang’ole expressed confidence in the contractors’ ability to deliver quality work within the stipulated contract period. She also highlighted the positive impact on local youth, who are benefiting from casual job opportunities created by the project. “The Kitale Municipality is committed to excellence,” Nang’ole affirmed. “Our residents deserve top-notch infrastructure, and we are determined to meet our contractual obligations.”

These comprehensive efforts by the Trans Nzoia County government not only aim to enhance infrastructure but also improve the overall quality of life for its residents, fostering a conducive environment for economic growth and tourism.