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Trans Nzoia County Enhances Palliative Care Through Community Health Promoter Training

Trans Nzoia County Enhances Palliative Care Through Community Health Promoter Training

Trans Nzoia County's administration is ramping up efforts to bolster palliative care services by training community health promoters (CHPs) in response to the growing prevalence of life-threatening illnesses.

In a proactive move to address the escalating incidence of life-threatening illnesses, the administration of Trans Nzoia County is intensifying efforts to strengthen palliative care services through the training of community health promoters (CHPs). This initiative, led by the office of the county’s esteemed First Lady, Lilian Natembeya, in partnership with Hospice Care Kenya (HCK), seeks to empower 100 CHPs across 25 wards with essential skills to provide compassionate care and support to patients and their families.

“As we witness a surge in patients grappling with cancer, diabetes, and other chronic conditions, it is imperative that we enhance our palliative care capabilities,” remarked Lilian Natembeya, the First Lady of Trans Nzoia County. “By equipping CHPs with the necessary knowledge and skills, we aim to ensure timely identification of patients in need and facilitate their access to the appropriate care and support services.”

The comprehensive training program encompasses various facets of palliative care, including patient identification, disease management strategies, and bereavement support techniques. Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, participants are equipped with the tools and resources needed to deliver holistic care to individuals facing life-limiting illnesses and their families.

“CHPs play a pivotal role as frontline healthcare providers within their communities,” noted Esther Jerenga, the Palliative Care Coordinator for Trans Nzoia County. “By enhancing their capacity in palliative care, we can significantly improve access to essential services for patients and their loved ones, thereby enhancing their quality of life during challenging times.”

The county government is actively seeking additional partnerships and collaborations to expand the reach of the training program and engage more CHPs in the provision of palliative care services. By leveraging the expertise and resources of organizations like HCK, the administration aims to build a robust network of trained professionals dedicated to alleviating the suffering of individuals affected by life-threatening illnesses.

The training session, led by esteemed healthcare professionals including Dr. Stephine Gichana, Lilian Lusaba, Twayla Asami, Betty Baraza, and Kennedy Shitoti, received commendation for its comprehensive curriculum and practical approach. Jacinda Makhamara, personal assistant to the First Lady of Trans Nzoia County, also played a pivotal role in facilitating the successful implementation of the training initiative.