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Trans Nzoia County Gears Up for Project Launch after Week-Long Readiness Review

Trans Nzoia County Gears Up for Project Launch after Week-Long Readiness Review

Governor George Natembeya's administration in Trans Nzoia County has concluded a week-long review of ongoing and upcoming projects to ensure their readiness for launch.

Governor George Natembeya’s administration in Trans Nzoia County is gearing up for the launch of ongoing and upcoming projects following a comprehensive week-long review process. The Governor’s Delivery Unit (GDU) spearheaded the assessment, engaging with various departments, including Sports, Gender, Youth, Culture, and Tourism.

Benjamin Ndiyo Wanyonyi, Director of the GDU, stated that the next phase involves field visits to verify project progress and compile a detailed report for Governor Natembeya. The review identified several shortcomings in certain projects, ranging from slow contract awards to a lack of proper documentation and insufficient budgetary planning.

Addressing the issues identified, Samuel Ereng, Director of the GDU, emphasized the urgency for departments to rectify these shortcomings to prevent delays and cost overruns. Notably, departments with commendable practices, such as Roads and Public Works, were acknowledged for their efficient agreement on terms with contractors.

Chief of Staff Dickson Wamocho expressed satisfaction with the sessions, describing them as “fruitful.” He emphasized that the insights gained would lead to improved efficiency in project execution, ensuring that government funds are utilized effectively for the benefit of the county.

Acknowledging concerns raised by various departments, particularly regarding slow procurement processes, Chief of Staff Wamocho pledged to address these issues promptly. Gender Advisor Justina Sitti highlighted the importance of gender inclusion in project implementation, advocating for the allocation of 30% of tenders to women, youth, and people with disabilities.

Economic Advisor Mwambu Muliro advised departments to leverage the county attorney’s office for legal matters, especially when entering contracts and agreements. This approach aims to minimize future litigation costs and ensure adherence to legal processes.

Muliro also emphasized the significance of working efficiently within available resources, addressing concerns about insufficient budgets and human resources across departments. The comprehensive review process aligns with Governor Natembeya’s commitment to transparent and effective governance, as outlined in the “Ukombozi Manifesto.” The initiative aims to propel the county towards sustainable development goals and improved service delivery.