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Trans Nzoia County Initiates Talks to Resolve Mowlem Land Dispute

Trans Nzoia County Initiates Talks to Resolve Mowlem Land Dispute

The Trans Nzoia County government, led by County Executive Committee Member Janerose Mutama, has embarked on discussions to address a longstanding land dispute concerning a 40-acre parcel in Mowlem.

The Trans Nzoia County government has taken proactive steps to address a contentious land dispute surrounding a 40-acre piece of land in Mowlem. County Executive Committee Member (CEC) for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development, Janerose Mutama, has initiated talks with various stakeholders to find a lasting solution to the issue.

In a recent baraza held with residents currently occupying the disputed land, Mutama emphasized the paramount importance of maintaining peace and fostering dialogue as crucial initial steps towards resolving the longstanding land dispute. Governor George Natembeya’s administration advocates for peaceful conflict resolution methods, recognizing that legal proceedings can often be protracted and costly.

The Lands department has already commenced discussions with parties claiming ownership, land purchasers, and titleholders to explore potential avenues for settling the dispute amicably. Mutama underscored the commitment of the county government, under Governor Natembeya’s leadership, to collaborate with the National Government Administration (NGAO) and the judiciary in addressing the multitude of land disputes affecting the county.

Encouraging residents to cooperate fully with the county government’s Lands department, Mutama stressed the significance of collaborative efforts involving both local and national authorities to ensure a comprehensive resolution to all land-related matters in Trans Nzoia County.

In addition to the ongoing talks, the Lands department has undertaken a headcount of households residing on the Mowlem Farm to ascertain the number of families directly affected by the dispute. This information will facilitate informed decision-making and contribute to the fair and equitable resolution of the longstanding land issue.