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Trans Nzoia County Pledges Support for Investors in Fertilizer Industry

Trans Nzoia County Pledges Support for Investors in Fertilizer Industry

The Trans Nzoia County government, under the leadership of Governor George Natembeya, is committed to providing a conducive environment for investors interested in the fertilizer sector.

In a bid to attract investment and stimulate economic growth, the Trans Nzoia County government, under the visionary leadership of Governor George Natembeya, has pledged unwavering support to investors seeking opportunities in the fertilizer industry. Governor Natembeya reaffirmed this commitment during a high-level meeting with a delegation from AFRO-ZONKE Investments, led by Sthembiso Mkhize, signaling the county’s readiness to create an enabling environment for investment.

Addressing the delegation in Kitale, Governor Natembeya outlined the various measures his administration is prepared to undertake to facilitate investment in the region. “My administration is fully committed to providing all necessary support to investors interested in establishing fertilizer manufacturing facilities in Trans Nzoia,” stated Governor Natembeya. “We are prepared to offer incentives such as access to land, tax waivers, reliable electricity, water supply, and other essential infrastructure.”

Highlighting the strategic importance of Trans Nzoia for fertilizer production, Governor Natembeya emphasized the region’s rich agricultural potential and conducive business environment. “Trans Nzoia County boasts fertile land and a skilled workforce, making it an ideal location for the establishment of a fertilizer factory,” he remarked, expressing confidence in the county’s capacity to attract and sustain investments in the sector.

In response, Sthembiso Mkhize, representing AFRO-ZONKE Investments, expressed appreciation for the county government’s proactive approach and willingness to engage with potential investors. “Our organization is keen to explore opportunities in Trans Nzoia County and assess the feasibility of investing in the fertilizer industry,” Mkhize remarked. “We are here to gain insights into the operational environment, investment incentives, and market demand for our products.”

The meeting, which was attended by key county officials including County Secretary Truphosa Amere, Agriculture CECM Phanice Khatundi, Dr. Pepela Wanjala (Health), Agriculture Chief Officer Sammy Sichangi, and Trade counterpart Kennedy Etiang, served as a platform for constructive dialogue and collaboration between the county government and prospective investors. It underscored the county’s commitment to fostering a conducive business climate and driving economic development through strategic partnerships and investment opportunities.