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Trans Nzoia County Receives Fleet of Vehicles and Machinery from IGRTC to Enhance Service Delivery

Trans Nzoia County Receives Fleet of Vehicles and Machinery from IGRTC to Enhance Service Delivery

The County Government of Trans Nzoia has received a significant boost in its development endeavors with the acquisition of a fleet of vehicles and machinery from the Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee (IGRTC).

The Intergovernmental Relations Technical Committee (IGRTC) recently issued movable assets worth millions of shillings to the County Government of Trans Nzoia. This includes cars, lorries, graders, and motorcycles, formerly belonging to departments whose functions were devolved. Governor George Natembeya, receiving the assets on behalf of the county, emphasized their significance in enhancing development projects and service delivery.

“The availability of these assets will ensure counties are fully resourced to undertake development projects,” Governor Natembeya stated. He further elaborated that vehicles bearing GK number plates would be registered under the county’s jurisdiction. “We will liaise with NTSA to ensure the registration of the vehicles bearing GK numbers in order to carry the county registration,” he affirmed.

The acquisition of these assets not only promises improved service delivery but also aims to safeguard public assets from encroachment, grabbing, and misuse. Additionally, it facilitates the county in updating its asset registers, ensuring effective management and utilization of resources.

This transfer of assets to county governments is part of the larger process of devolving functions previously held by the national government. The IGRTC has been conducting valuations of movable assets related to defunct local authorities and those associated with devolved functions nationwide. The total value of assets being transferred across the country is estimated at sh.3 billion.

The handover ceremony was attended by various dignitaries, including County Commissioner Gideon Oyagi, County Secretary Truphosa Amere, Deputy County Secretary George Kisaka, County Attorney Walioli Wabwoba, PSM Chief Officer Philip Kapten, and GDU director Samuel Ereng, among other senior government officials. This signifies the importance of the event in the county’s development agenda and its commitment to effective governance and service delivery.