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Trans Nzoia County University Taskforce Gains Momentum, Secures County Support

Trans Nzoia County University Taskforce Gains Momentum, Secures County Support

County Secretary Truphosa Amere affirms full backing for the establishment of a public university in Trans Nzoia, highlighting its potential to spur economic growth and educational advancement.

In a pivotal meeting held this evening, the Trans Nzoia County University Taskforce convened with County Secretary Truphosa Amere to assess the progress and prospects of establishing a public university in the county.

Amere reiterated the unwavering support of the county administration for the university initiative, emphasizing its transformative potential for the local economy and education sector. “The establishment of a university will be a game-changer,” she declared, underlining its capacity to catalyze development and prosperity.

Professor Masibo Lumala, leading the taskforce, reaffirmed their commitment to realizing the university project. He highlighted the encouraging outcomes of ongoing public participation efforts, which have demonstrated strong community backing for the initiative. “Residents have unequivocally expressed their desire for a university, recognizing its role in attracting investments and fostering growth,” Lumala elaborated.

Residents have demonstrated their commitment to the project by offering both financial and logistical support. Lumala commended Governor George Natembeya’s unwavering dedication to advancing education in Trans Nzoia, emphasizing the university’s potential to unlock opportunities and generate employment opportunities for the local populace.

The taskforce comprises distinguished personalities, including Professor Masibo Lumala, Professor Battan Khaemba, Professor Caleb Elung’ata, Dr. Hellen Yego (Vice-Chairperson), Dr. David Wafula Lwangale, youth representative Hosea Sismat Chemche, Dr. Julie Magomere, Professor Bulitia, Julius Kivase, Eliud Wakasiaka Mwichabe (Secretary), and Alfred Mang’oli Namwitako. Their collective expertise and dedication underscore the momentum behind the university initiative, signaling a promising path forward for educational advancement in Trans Nzoia County.