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Our Mission is to facilitate transformative development, service delivery and good governance for sustainable socio-economic development and Our Vision is to be an outstanding agro-industrialized County with high quality of life for residents.

Administrative and Political Units

Administrative and Political Units

Trans Nzoia County is divided into five administrative sub counties namely Kiminini, Saboti, Cherang’any, Endebess and Kwanza. The sub counties are further sub-divided into twenty five administrative wards. Table below provides the county’s total area by administrative boundaries. Under the National government, the county comprises of five administrative sub counties namely; Kiminini, Trans Nzoia West, Trans Nzoia East, Endebess and Kwanza. The sub counties are further sub divided into 39 locations, 63 sub locations and 1,610 Villages.

Table 1: Area by Sub-county and Ward

Administrative Units
Administrative Units by Sub County Area (km2) Wards
Kiminini 395.3 6
Saboti 323.6 5
Cherangany 629.8 7
Endebess 680.0 3
Kwanza 466.9 4
Total 2495.6 25

Source: CIDP, 2018-2022

Endebess Sub-County is the largest of the five Sub Counties covering an area of 680 km2 followed by Cherangany with 629.8km2. Saboti Sub County has the least area covering 323.6km2. Conversely, Cherangany Sub County has the highest number of wards while Endebess Sub County with three wards has the least number.

Political Units (Constituencies and Wards)

Trans Nzoia County has five constituencies namely Kwanza, Endebess, Saboti, Kiminini and Cherangany. These constituencies are further sub-divided into 25 electoral wards.

Table 2: Trans-Nzoia County Electoral Wards by Constituency

Constituency Ward
Kwanza Kwanza; Keiyo; Bidii; Kapomboi
Endebess Endebess; Matumbei; Chepchoina
Saboti Kinyoro; Matisi; Tuwan; Saboti; Machewa
Kiminini Kiminini; Waitaluk; Sirende; Hospital; Sikhendu; Nabiswa
Cherang’any Motosiet; Sitatunga; Kaplamai; Makutano; Sinyereri; Cherang’any-Suwerwa; Chepsiro-Kiptoror

Source: CIDP, 2018-2022

Cherangany and Kiminini Constituencies have the highest number of electoral wards with 7 and 6 wards respectively. These are followed by Saboti and Kwanza Constituencies with five and four wards respectively while Endebess Constituency has three electoral wards.