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Trans Nzoia Residents Seek Solutions to Land Disputes, Faster Court Resolutions

Trans Nzoia Residents Seek Solutions to Land Disputes, Faster Court Resolutions

Residents of Trans Nzoia express concerns over land disputes and lengthy court cases, urging for collaborative efforts between the county government and the judiciary for smoother access to justice.

Officials and residents of Trans Nzoia County gathered for a judiciary open day, shedding light on the prevalent issue of land disputes and the challenges posed by lengthy court cases.

County Secretary Truphosa Amere underscored the gravity of the situation, revealing that the majority of cases brought to her office daily are related to land matters. She emphasized the need for closer collaboration between the county government and the judiciary to streamline access to justice.

Amere highlighted a recent incident where two individuals lost their lives during a land-related eviction, underscoring the importance of humane enforcement of court orders. She called for enhanced cooperation to prevent such tragic events in the future.

Janerose Nasimiyu Mutama, the County Executive Committee member for Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, and Urban Development, drew attention to the backlog of land cases in courts. She advocated for the adoption of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms like mediation to expedite the resolution of disputes.

Justice Fred Nyagaka, a Kitale High Court judge, voiced support for alternative dispute resolution, acknowledging Governor George Natembeya’s endorsement of such systems. He also emphasized the court’s readiness to involve elders in resolving suitable cases, aiming to improve efficiency and reduce case backlogs.

Despite efforts to expedite proceedings, Justice Anthony Murima, another Kitale High Court judge, acknowledged delays arising from unforeseen circumstances. He stressed the importance of public awareness regarding alternative dispute resolution options, encouraging residents to embrace mediation to alleviate the burden on the courts.

The open day, themed “Enhancing Access to Justice Through Alternative Dispute Resolution Systems,” aimed to educate the community about available options and the judiciary’s commitment to enhancing access to justice. Murima also highlighted the availability of online court proceedings, offering residents the opportunity to follow cases remotely and minimize the need for physical appearances.