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Trans Nzoia Youths and Professionals Rally Behind Proposed University Initiative

Trans Nzoia Youths and Professionals Rally Behind Proposed University Initiative

Trans Nzoia County residents express overwhelming support for the establishment of a university during a public participation forum organized by the county university taskforce.

In a resounding display of community enthusiasm, hundreds of youths and professionals gathered at a local hotel in Trans Nzoia County for a public participation forum convened by the Trans Nzoia County university taskforce. The forum provided a platform for residents to voice their strong endorsement for the establishment of a university in the region.

Participants articulated the myriad benefits that a university would bring, including enhanced access to higher education, research opportunities addressing county-specific issues, and a substantial boost to the local economy. Herbert Madengeli, an attendee, underscored the significance of a local university in facilitating greater educational access and tailored research opportunities for the county.

Echoing Madengeli’s sentiments, Robert Chemos highlighted the transformative potential of a university on the economic landscape, particularly in sectors like agriculture and housing. Participants also recognized the broader societal impact, emphasizing the potential for increased global interaction, entrepreneurship, and skill development.

Bishop Barasa emphasized the importance of knowledge development, noting that a university would elevate the skills of the local workforce and enhance their competitiveness in the job market. The forum concluded with a palpable sense of optimism and a collective commitment to realizing the vision of a university in Trans Nzoia.

Captain Stanley Kirui, the County Executive Committee Member for Education, reiterated the commitment of Governor George Natembeya’s administration to establish a public university. He called on residents to throw their support behind the initiative, citing its potential to significantly enhance the county’s economic prospects.

The county university taskforce, comprising esteemed figures such as Professor Masibo Lumala, Professor Battan Khaemba, and Dr. Hellen Yego, is expected to integrate the public’s feedback into their recommendations. Ongoing public forums will continue to gather input from the community as the initiative progresses.